Sublingual Immunotherapy: Also known as “SLIT” Much like vaccine therapy, SLIT therapy delivers a gradually increasing dose of FDA approved antigen that, over time, can build the body’s tolerance to an allergy. The difference with these vaccines is that drops are placed under the tongue and affect the immune system through the mouth the dendritic cells through the oral mucosa. This is a friendlier route to building the body’s tolerance.

SLIT is generally considered safer than subcutaneous administered vaccines and patients typically can be titrated up to their maintenance and most effective doses in a considerably shorter period of time. SLIT therapy has been used around the world for more than 60 years, and studies show that allergy drops are safe and effective. The World Health Organization has endorsed SLIT therapy as a viable alternative to injection therapy. Although most people suffering from allergies can benefit from SLIT, many people are not aware of this worthy alternative.

SLIT is especially helpful for people who do not tolerate or do not respond to allergy shots. SLIT can help a broader range of patients safely and effectively. Many allergy suffers are strongly adverse to shots and consider them too painful, or the logistics of regular weekly trips to the clinic for SCIT treatment is not feasible and therefore not a viable option. However, because SLIT maintenance administration can be safely, effectively and painlessly administered by the patient at home, patient compliance improves significantly and consequently now AIT suddenly becomes a viable option!

For best results only accept Allergy Immunotherapy products from providers with formulation expertise who provide efficacious products.

One Caution: While Sublingual Immunotherapy is accepted as highly effective and safe, the treatment is only as effective as the formulation. As the popularity of SLIT continues to increase, some providers who have proven to be highly successful marketers, are providing patients with formulations containing very little active ingredients, that appear to be sub-therapeutic and will not result in the same treatment outcome as a formulation that has been skillfully crafted by healthcare professionals with the level of expertise of Acclaim Pharmacy Solutions Staff. Be careful not to waste your time and resources on products that have less than optimal formulations.