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Acclaim Allergy Solutions is equipped to provide scalable immunotherapy solutions for healthcare systems, large and small.


USP<797> is coming!  Are your Allergy Clinics in compliance?

Acclaim Allergy can help navigate you through the process of Regulatory Compliance. Don’t risk legal liabilities or Payor Clawbacks! Understand the new requirements, Acclaim can help.

Facilities and Regulatory Compliance

  • healthcare systemsOur pharmacy is USP <797> compliant and “PCAB Accredited”. PCAB accreditation involves passing requirements including sterile cleanroom requirements that are overall stricter than the FDA and state boards of pharmacy. Experienced, highly trained Technicians wear sterile gowns, hoods, gloves, shoe covers and face masks.
  • Rigorous performance certification required for all Technicians.
  • Quality Assurance continuously monitor systems and activities, and test every vial for sterility.

Let Acclaim Allergy Solutions Partner with You!

Economy & Efficiency

  • sterile preparationsFrees you and other staff members for other important activities.
  • Saves valuable storage space and eliminates the need to maintain costly extract inventories.
  • Reduces tedious record keeping. We provide mixture and dilution reports, computerized refill tracking and personalized packaging & labeling.
Our practices will minimize your Liability. (considering the ever-growing tightening of regulations as well as emphasis and focus on best practices for patient safety, utilizing our pharmacy creates an optimal HEALTHCARE TRIAD that helps protect you and your patients).

Simplified Order Procedure:

  • FAX form makes order placements fast and efficient.
  • Additionally, we have a sophisticated electronic order system that can create a AIT formulation and prescription from your diagnostic data, send directly to the pharmacy and track and validate the receipt of your orders as well as the progress of delivery to your clinic.
  • Orders acknowledged shortly after receipt and arrives at your office generally within the same week.