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While there are other quality compounding pharmacies in the US, almost no one has the quality and expertise in this specific field. Allergy Immunotherapy is not taught in Universities with Pharmacy Departments and few pharmacists have even the basic knowledge in this area.

Acclaim Allergy Solutions offers allergy immunotherapy treatment sets in Houston, TX. Our allergy immunotherapy specialists provide both sublingual allergy immunotherapy and subcutaneous allergy immunotherapy.

PCAB Accredited Pharmacy - Learn About Acclaim and PCABSpecializing in the compounding of allergy immunotherapy prescriptions, Acclaim Allergy Solutions employs the skills of individuals highly experienced in Allergy Immunotherapy treatment as well as one of the most highly regarded, PCAB Accredited Licensed Sterile Compounding Pharmacies in the nation.  Thus our organization ensures that you will receive the highest Quality Services and Products possible.

– USP Chapter 797 compliant and using only licensed extracts

– Full staff of licensed pharmacists and licensed pharmacy technicians on-site.

Our Mission Statement

Acclaim Allergy Solutions is dedicated to the improvement of patient outcomes by providing the highest quality pharmaco-therapeutic solutions and increasing the accessibility to patients to innovative and superior alternatives for allergy diagnostics and allergy immunotherapy treatment sets.


About Our Allergy Immunotherapy Specialists

David Reichert, BS. Pharm, Pharm.D, CCRA, R. Ph.

David Reichert brings over 30 years of Healthcare Provider experience providing oversight for improvement, development, commercialization and distribution of medical products. His expertise includes effective close interaction and collaboration with cross functional teams to facilitate the success of all clinical activities within Project Management, Data Management, Marketing, Regulatory, Engineering and other pertinent disciplines for both novel and marketed products. These activities encompass areas that range from due diligence for acquisitions to commercialization, post marketing surveillance and safety reporting.

Dr. Reichert brings an educational background which includes a six year bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and post graduate business / marketing education, both from the University of Texas as well as a doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from the University of Florida at Gainesville.

Allergy-Related Experience

Dr. Reichert refined his Allergy and Immunology background and gained expertise in the treatment of Allergy and Asthma while working as Director of Pharmacy Operations for ALK and refining the Treatment Set product line as well as production and marketing.

Pharmacy-Related Experience

Dr. Reichert’s successful career includes providing pharmacy services to Acute Care, Long-term Care and Community Pharmacies through positions as a Staff Pharmacist, Facility Manager, Clinical Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy. Consulting services include facility audits and process analysis to drive efficiency and measurable improvements in work flow, cost control, regulatory and JCAHO compliance, reduction of medication errors and improvement of patient outcomes. Additionally, his successful track record with implementing “best practices” and optimal processes in regards to inventory and distribution processes have made a substantial, positive impact on a number of organization’s operations.

He has successfully led IT enhancements and implementation, integration and management of new systems and upgrades to facility system technology platforms including enterprise EHR/EMR implementation, formulary creation and modifications, PHA, CPOE, POM and EDM modules and acceptance by facility staff.

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Industry Expertise

Representing Medical Affairs for several Pharma and Medical Device organizations, he was responsible for Pharmacovigilance, post marketing surveillance and safety reporting activities. These activities included leading the corporate Post Market Surveillance (PMS) program in accordance with international requirements, including US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), GCP, ICH, GMP, EU and European Medical Device Directive (MDD). Ensuring complete information is provided from various inputs, such as customer surveys, customer complaints, international registries, governmental databases, literature, clinical trials, in-house testing, failure analysis, and adverse event reports.
Dr. Reichert has honed his skills by having the opportunity to work for some of the largest and most successful organizations in the industry and has also learned from trial and error as a principal stakeholder within small start-up companies. The resulting self-disciplined persona capable of successfully influencing cross-functional teams in large corporate matrix driven environments allows him a unique perspective and approach which has proven valuable to the organizations he has worked with.

Philip Pylant

Phil Pylant, PIC, CEO, DANLA, CCN, graduated from University of Houston College of Pharmacy in 1971 and opened his first pharmacy in 1972.  He founded Village Compounding Pharmacy in 1979 and has been the PIC, CEO for more than 36 years.  Phil brings over 44 years of ownership/pharmacy experience, including 34 years of compounding experience.
Phil has been highlighted in publications including newspapers and journals, as well as appearances on television for news outlets and alternative medicine series.  He has also been a keynote speaker at various conferences around the country.

Due to his expertise in compounding and molecular biochemistry, Phil has developed patented delivery systems now used by physicians.  Additionally, in 2004, he was appointed to the Scientific Council of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutrition.

Phil has always been on the forefront of the ever evolving compounding industry and in January of 2007, he established Village Compounding Pharmacy as the first PCAB-Accredited pharmacy in the state of Texas.  Due to his careful attention to quality assurance, safety and customer service over the years, Village has been distinguished as one of the top 2 compounding pharmacies in the United States for both 2014 and 2015 by IBISWorld, an international market and industry research firm.



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