Quality Allergy Immunotherapy

If you are an allergy sufferer and looking for solutions that offer relief, Acclaim Allergy Solutions has what you’re looking for. We specialize in allergy immunotherapy that can help you control the symptoms of your allergy. Allergy immunotherapy is an alternative form of allergy treatment therapy. Many pharmacists don’t have a background in allergy immunotherapy, and it can be difficult to find a clinic that specializes in these treatments. We have the treatments that can help you live a healthy, symptom-free life.

Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy

At Acclaim Allergy Solutions, we specialize in providing exactly what our name implies: allergy solutions. In particular, we are proud to provide sublingual allergy immunotherapy, also known as SLIT allergy treatment.

Sublingual allergy immunotherapy works on the same principle as allergy injections. Allergies are treated by slowly exposing the patient to greater and greater doses of the substance causing the allergy, until the immune system builds a tolerance for it. However, instead of coming to the doctor’s office for an injection, patients participating in SLIT allergy treatment can deposit drops under their tongues in the comfort of their homes.

SLIT allergy treatment is very safe, and many patients find it a more convenient and comfortable option. Our professionals would be happy to speak with you about this treatment option and help you determine if it’s right for you. Call us today to get started.

Allergy Relief

We all know what allergies can do to our well-being. Allergies lead to annoyances like congestion, runny noses, scratchy throats, itchy eyes, and more. Additionally, allergies can lead to much more serious pathology such as asthma. Allergy immunotherapy from Acclaim Allergy Solutions can help relieve these symptoms. Our allergy immunotherapy specialists can also help treat asthma and sinus infections.

Acclaim Allergy Solutions has a full staff of licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on site. Our team provides the highest-quality therapeutic solutions treatments for your allergies. Quality and expertise in the field of allergy immunotherapy can be tough to find. Acclaim Allergy Solutions offers the highest quality Allergy Immunotherapy treatment sets (both SCIT and SLIT). We have the knowledge and expertise you’re looking for. Contact us for our quality products and services.


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